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Announcements & Upcoming Events

A Message to All Component Leaders:

Planning a Component Meeting or Event? Please share the news so our Episcopal Leaders and members can stay informed about all of the wonderful ministries in the 9th District!

Please send notices of meetings and events at least two weeks in advance to the 9th Episcopal District office via e-mail at:

Please include the following details in the body of the e-mail:

• Name of Component

• Component Leader(s)

• Meeting or Ministry Event

• Date and Time of Meeting or Event

• Location (full address)

• Host Pastor(s) – if applicable

• Special Guests/Preachers/Presenters – if applicable

• Any additional helpful information.


Thank you for your kind attention to these matters.

Because of Christ, I am,

Bishop Harry L. Seawright

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Daniel Payne Community Plaza

The Official Ninth District Logo

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Bereavement Notices

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Employment Opportunity

Teacher needed for Adult Education Class

Daniel Payne Community Plaza

9 AM -12:00 noon, Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday


Open Enrollment

Apply on-line:

Lawson State Community College

Human Resources

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