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Episcopal District Staff and Officers


Reverend Alvelyn Sanders Swafford

Executive Administrative Assistant

Bishop & Supervisor Seawright copy.jpg

Ms. Nell Hayes

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

Bishop Harry L. Seawright, Presiding Prelate

Reverend Sherita Moon Seawright, WMS - Supervisor

Mrs. Denise Searcy, Staff Assistant

Mr. Brandon Cleveland, Executive Director, Daniel Payne College Legacy Village Foundation, Inc.

Rev. Alfonzo Colvin, Building Engineer/Staff, Daniel Payne Community Plaza

Mr. Brandon Cleveland, Executive Director, Daniel Payne College Legacy Village Foundation, Inc.

Reverend Alfonzo Colvin, Building Engineer/Staff, Daniel Payne Community Plaza

Presiding Elder Gloria Hall, President, Presiding Elders Council

Rev. Dr. Frederick Sherrod, III, Secretary, Presiding Elders Council

Presiding Elder Gloria Hall, Treasurer

Rev. Maurice Wright, II, Chair of Finance

Rev. Brian Blackwell, Comptroller

Mrs. Sherryl Whiting, President, WMS

Mrs. Debra Weatherspoon, Director, YPD

Ms.  Kierra Giles, President, YPD

Mr. Robert L. Turner, President, Lay Organization

Mr. Terry Jones Co-Coordinator, Sons of Allen

Mr. Robert L. Turner, Co-Coordinator, Sons of Allen

Mrs. Kimberly Marshall, President, Ministers' Spouses MSWAWO+PKS

Mrs. Hattie Nathan, Director, Christian Education

Rev. Dr. Ronald Sterling, Chair, Board of Examiners

Rev. Alvelyn Sanders Swafford, Dean, Board of Examiners

Rev. Dr. Ronald Sterling, Dean, Nichols-Thomas-Grady Clergy Institute

Mrs. Sherryl Whiting, Coordinator, Christian Debutante-Masters Commission

Rev. Grandville Anderson, Director, Evangelism Ministry

Rev. Dr. Carmen Avery Walker, President, Women in Ministry

Rev. Brandon Thornton, Coordinator, Richard Allen Young Adult Council (RAYAC)

Rev. Ulysses Kincey, Jr., Co-Director, Social Action

Mr. Donald Clemmons, Co-Director, Social Action

Rev. Dr. Ronald D. Sterling, Co-Director, Prayer Ministry

Rev. Raymond B. Swafford, Co-Director, Prayer Ministry

Rev. Maurice Wright, II, Director, Music Ministry

Rev. Harry Matthew Seawright, Assistant Director, Music Ministry (do not send emails)

Rev. Roosevelt Williams, III, Director of Public Relations

Mrs. Marge Simmons, Mass Email Coordinator

Mrs. Ann Clemons, District Liaison, The Christian Recorder

Ms. Tammy Davis, Coordinator of Health Ministry

Rev. Warren Anderson, Chief Marshall

Rev. Roosevelt Williams, III, Co-Director, Technology

Rev. Eugene Johnson, Co-Director, Technology

Ms. Nell Hayes, Reporter of Clergy Information

(Vacant), Chair, Scholarship Committee


Connectional Officers


Dr. Monica Dillihunt, Connectional Historiographer/Statistician, WMS

Dr. Djuana Duncombe-Paden, Connectional Worship Director, WMS

Mrs. Dianne H. Battle, Connectional Lay Organization Director of Public Relations

Rev. Maurice Wright, Director, MCAM, Music and Christian Arts Ministry

Mrs. Rosemary Range, Recording Secretary, Fellowship of Church Educators

Mrs. Sherryl Whiting, Assistant Recording Secretary, Christian Debutante-Masters Commission

Rev. Leodis Strong, President, Connectional Council

Presiding Elder Dwight E. Dillard, Treasurer, Connectional Presiding Elder’s Council & Connectional Council

Rev. Dr. G. Dianne Lewis, President, AME Chaplains Association

Ms. Tra’Nyce Jones, YPD Communications Secretary

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